Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Free Printable Inserts | PCPH EXCLUSIVE | a5 week on 2 pages

Week on 2 Pages
(a6 - coming soon!)


I had the privilege of making the new cover photo of one of the
planner communities I belong to. 
The lovely admin, Gen, had me create 3 versions.
They were up for voting and the banner with the most likes
would be the group's cover photo.

After a while, with over 100 likes, this won:

It looks a bit different from the original banner for voting.
I had to adjust the sizing and elements coz the fb cover photo
was not responsive >.< 

Credits to the artist of the main illustration used.

As promised, I made exclusive inserts only for the group.
It follows the same theme as the banner above.

PCPH Exclusive
Week on 2 Pages - Page 1

PCPH Exclusive
Week on 2 Pages - Page 1

Gen had the idea of Happy Planner INSPIRED inserts.
The boxes are not the same as the HP.
But the layout is very similar.
I didn't bother with the bottom bar since most girls just washi tape over it.
I also removed all dates.
I want all my inserts to be used all year round ^_^

Click on the link below the photo
for google drive file
All files are jpeg.
a5 sizing is 145mm by 210mm.

For personal use only.
Not for commercial use.
You may not sell or redistribute the softcopy or the printed version.

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