Wednesday, October 28, 2015

AUTUMN BEARS SERIES: Pastel Bears | Printable Planner Stickers on ETSY

Pastel Bears

188 stickers + 3 sheets + with weekend banners

More watercolor art stickers live on our shop!
Autumn goodies make me happy ^^

Hey guys!
Another day, another listing ^^

Yesterday, we released the first of our
We also released our Autumn Coffee sheet the same day.
I feel like autumn goes by so fast.
So, I've been on an autumn kick lately!
Especially now that Halloween is just around the corner.

We will be releasing the rest of the Autumn Bears Series
in the next few days.
Make sure to "favorite" PBandJStudio on ETSY to keep track of our releases.

Let's take a look at the AUTUMN BEARS Series!
This is the first massive collections we've released.
It has a whopping 188 stickers in 3 sheets.
For only $2!

The First Sheet
The AUTUMN BEARS Series has 6 individual designs for each set.
In the first sheet, you get:
6 full boxes (fitted to ECLP)
16 half boxes (fitted to ECLP)
4 large stickers (for decorating your side bar ^^)

The rest of the collection has similar designs in different color schemes.
Once all Autumn Bears have been released,
I'll talk to you about the theme of the collection.
Maybe you'd be able to guess it before then ^^

The Second Sheet
This sheet contains the most amount of stickers on a page.
On this sheet, you get:
84 strips in total (fitted to ECLP)
- 21 strips each of TO DO, TODAY, EXTRAS and blank
24 slim check boxes

Each of our releases has a personal meaning to us.
Teddy bears are some of my favorite things!
Both my mom and J's dad collects them!
What a coincidence!

The Third Sheet
The last sheet has stickers that can be used on any type of planner.
Kikki K and Filofax girls can also use these to decorate.
(All the sheets can be used on any planner - get creative! ^^)
On this sheet, you get:
4 weekend banners
54 individual stickers

We debated on making a strip.
But you can always lay down a fall themed washi tape
and then place the Autumn Bear stickers on top.

For best effect, print on glossy paper.

We hope you guys like getting lots of stickers as part of a printables set.
Follow us on IG @misspau.b and @javierish
for updates and new releases!
We will also be releasing free printable sheet exclusively here!

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