Tuesday, October 20, 2015

PLANNER GIRL Collection 2015 Golden Girl Series | Golden Girl #2

PB and J Studio Original Series
Planner Girl Collection 2015
Golden Girl Series 
by PB and J Studio on Etsy

Golden Girl #2
Complete all 8!

Available at pbandjstudio.etsy.com
For Individual Listing, click here.

Let's take a look at the Golden Girl 1!

The Planner Girl Collection 2015 features original artwork by IG @misspau.b
There are a total of 8 different designs for you to collect.

This is the first PLANNER KIT released by PB and J Studio on Etsy.
You get TWO FULL PAGES of printable stickers.
It is available for download immediately upon purchase.

We've chosen a rainbow theme for the design elements
to balance out the metallic elements from the art.

The first page has 8 full boxes, 16 circle stickers, and 16 half-page flags.

Full boxes - They are fitted to the Erin Condren Life Planner boxes.
Circles and flags - These have the same height as half-boxes. 

The second page has 8 checklists, three weekend banners, 32 functional sticker strips and four washi strips.

Checklists - These are fitted to the height of an ECLP full box.
Weekend Banners - These fit exactly across 2 boxes horizontally.
Sticker Strips - These colorful strips fit the ECLP headers.
Washi Strips - They are a quarter of the height of a full box.

We hope you enjoy our 
Planner Girl Collection 2015
Golden Girl Series
by PB and J Studio

Listing for Golden Girl 2 (here)

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