Thursday, October 29, 2015

FREE PLANNER STICKER PRINTABLE | RETRO Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss | ECLP | KIKKI K | FILOFAX | Happy Planner

Free Printable Planner Stickers
Inspired by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Lip Gloss in RETRO

JPEG file | US Letter Size (8.5"x11")
- with cutting guides -

Hey guys!
As I've announced on my IG @misspau.b
we are very happy to release free goodies here on our website!

I love to make my own stickers for my planner.
That's why I wanted to share the stickers I made with you.
There's absolutely no fees for this.

Makeup is also one of my favorite things,
together with pretty planners.
It's only natural that I have make-up stickers :P

Excuse the blurry photo.
The Planner Printable is NOT blurry.
This is just a swatch guide that I was using.
I thought you'd like to see how I make the stickers :)

I was inspired by the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip glosses.
I first learned about them through youtube: Shaaanxo
She was sent the whole range, and 
Shan was only too lovely to share them with her subbies.

I took the swatches from the lip gloss series.
These are true to color.
But they do not show the finish,
so the colors may differ from the actual product.

Here's the image the I used (not blurry! :P).
This is one of the full boxes included.
From the left: gilded, neon orange, neon caramel,
hibiscus, neon apple, and socialite.

I used designs by
Then, I built/drew my own lip gloss bottle outline.
I colored them in using swatches 
from my RETRO lip gloss swatch above. 

On the sheet
You get 6 full box of RETRO.
12 half boxes of retro.
4 full boxes of purples, berries and red, corals and nudes.

Cutting guides are provided for you.
It's very easy to hand-cut
because they are just straight lines :)

Thanks so much for downloading
the PB and J Studio
Free Planner Sticker Printable!

Visit our ETSY shop if you want hand drawn planner sticker goodies ^^

- where to find us -
IG: @misspau.b and @javierish

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